Expanding an Updated Brand with Downtown Wayfinders

Summit Downtown, Inc. - Summit, NJ
Community Branding & Display Design

With the branding project well received by SDI and local stakeholders, ITO was commissioned to proceed with designs for a new wayfinding system for the City of Summit. A variety of aspects including mass transit access, traffic flow, pedestrian walkways, parking locations, and key destinations were evaluated and refined allowing Summit to fully assist vehicular traffic with the least amount of signage.

The final designs creatively incorporate the new brand platform while addressing human factors in legibility and contrast against typical backdrops. Custom designed brackets, distinctive hardware, and understated accents complete the overall, quality impression that these wayfinders provide to vehicular traffic and downtown pedestrians alike.

Client quote...

"ITO came aboard and brought our branding efforts to new heights."

Marin Mixon

Executive Director

  • 43 Main Street
  • Unit A
  • Califon, NJ 07830