In the Flow

Control Associates - Allendale, NJ
Corporate Branding & Display Design

Control Associates provides process management solutions to some of the most important industries in our great, Tri-State area. From the flow of Natural Gas and Power, to Pharmaceutical and Life Science manufacturing, Control Associates empowers its clientele to "Control the Process Better". As a Local Business Partner for Emerson, Control Associates delivers a broad scope of products along with the necessary engineering know-how, maintenance, and asset optimization services required to solve the most challenging process control needs.

The CA brand art incorporates a sine wave that is indicative of a typical change in a process. In this case, a change from a lower level to a higher level results in the usual oscillating bumps before leveling off.  The brand incorporates Emerson's blue to dovetail marketing communications, and distinguished treatments by ITO at their headquarters in Allendale provide a balanced backdrop for their astute and very cordial professional culture.

Client quote...

"Our confidence in ITO is a great asset to our company. Whatever the creative challenge, we know we can rely on ITO for well-conceived, high quality, creative solutions. "

Terry Spaeth

President, 2020

  • 43 Main Street
  • Unit A
  • Califon, NJ 07830