Known as a Destination

Summit Downtown, Inc. - Summit, NJ
Community Branding & Print Design

Summit Downtown's revised brand mark is a confident symbol of a hilltop community that embraces a long tradition of exemplifying New Jersey at its best. It represents a distinguished downtown with a strong, sophisticated S and a beacon flame that pays homage to an impressive history. All positioned on a gentle arc suggesting a hill, the Summit Downtown brand mark embodies a commitment to positive change and vitality for the future.

“Always at the Top” speaks to Summit’s physical location as well as its history of being a classic destination dating back to the 1860s when it was know as the “Newport of New Jersey”. Summit has always been, and plans to always be, a top NJ town in which to live and visit with its genuine nature, quality lifestyle, convenient location, and access to NYC and north Jersey city centers.

Positioning statements in ads and marketing materials reinforce the Summit Downtown brand without being boastful or showing excessive pride and self-satisfaction in their achievements, possessions, or abilities. The statements are service and benefit oriented to encourage welcoming and desirable expectations.

Client quote...

"ITO came aboard and brought our branding efforts to new heights."

Marin Mixon

Executive Director

  • 43 Main Street
  • Unit A
  • Califon, NJ 07830